Fitbit Blaze Review: Part 1

Intro Afternoon all – welcome to the first part of my review of the new Fitbit Blaze. Feel free to take a look at my unboxing first, if you like! I’d […]

Fitbit Blaze Unboxing!

Enjoy this series of pictures showing my unboxing and initial setup of the new Fitbit Blaze!

Updating my page’s appearance. Now, I’ve been running this page for about three years. When I kicked it off, the goal was to get a job. Write an Android app, […]

Moto 360 on a Bike and Initial Thoughts!

Wearable devices are coming. Whether consumers want them – embrace or ignore, or even purchase them – is still up for debate. The initial entries of Android Wear, for example, […]

All, I’m very happy that two years on, these Android tutorials are still helping people out. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, comments are disabled. That didn’t used to be the […]

To young Americans, newspapers are a dying medium. We don’t necessarily have a set of reasons – only a pragmatic recognition of the smartphone’s dominance in our personal and professional […]